Tuesday, October 25, 2016


I've come full circle. Turns out I've been a cow instead of a buffalo!
Cows run or saunter the direction of the storm and get really, really wet.
On the other hand bison head into the storm. ABANDONING THE HERD by JOHN WEISS 
is an article from the FASO website newsletter. I've been thinking about this article since it came out
and wanted to paint a buffalo heading into a storm. It's been a weird trip for sure. 
Thanks for taking a look.

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  1. We have buffalo two ranches down from us. They scare me to death and your painting is saying GET OUT OF MY WAY! Today, I tried to take some photos of the most beautiful sheep I've ever seen (here in Iceland ). Never got a shot because they ran every time I got out of the car. Grrr...... Most skittish sheep I've ever seen!