Friday, October 28, 2016


OK - so I'm living vicariously through my friends wonderful trip to Iceland. 
I forgot to mention that this painting and the buffalo painting were done with the odd colors 
left on my palette. I'm starting a commission piece tomorrow and I didn't want to throw any
paint out. I finished Uncle Google with the last of my paint so I can clean my palette and
add my new colors for my commission piece tomorrow. You can see my palette below before I started today and
after I was finished. I was happy to use all my paint and challenge myself with limited yellow, indanthrone blue
and the odd assortment you see below. Thanks for taking a look I'll try to take process shots of my next project.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Not much left to work with - I'm redoing my glass palette. It should be a lot better.
If it turns out I'll let you know.

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  1. You have just blown my mind. I learn so much from you. Cannot wait to get home and spend the winter painting. Uncle Google will be a life long (whatever is left! ha!) lesson for me.