Tuesday, November 8, 2016



Here's Monte's story - he was one lucky dog!

 A little about Monte: My step mom had picked him up from a litter when he was just a little ball of white cottony fur. The most heart melting, adorable ball you could have ever seen in your life maybe! He lived an amazing doggy life, roaming freely, he loved to adventure playing as often as he could in the water, mud, and his all time favorite poop piles. I will never forget upon every arrival, his whole body wiggling with excitement to greet new and old friends. Then his sad and concerned face as he sat in the middle of the driveway and watched you leave, every time, in your review mirror. He was possibly the most loving and kind soul who only ever cared to be by your side, and hoped you might throw his ball one more time. With age, his hips had gotten worse, and soon he wouldn't even get up to eat. We knew it was his time. Monte passed in the last days of September of this year, laying comfortably in his bed on the porch, on an exceptionally beautiful fall day, with all his loving family near to wish him luck on his way. 

Sweet eyes!
Thanks for taking a look. 

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