Tuesday, November 15, 2016


 It's been a tough week - has it really only been a week?
My need for Kerrygold Irish butter has grown exponentially this election season. 
I gotta STOP! My pants are getting kind of tight. Comfort food has been my salvation 
as well as good music. I'm so lucky I can enjoy The Loft on my XM radio while I paint.
It keeps me going. Today Meg Griffin played a lot of Leon Russell while I painted Butter.
LEON RUSSELL passed away this week.
 Leon Russell was an American musician and songwriter who recorded as a session musician and sideman and maintained a solo career. 
He had 31 albums to his credit and recorded about 430 songs
Here's my favorite ONE MORE LOVE SONG it's not his most famous but it makes me feel good!
This is really the end of my post if you feel like reading further it's your thing. I'm getting through my grief.
Thanks for liking my rabbits. You guys are the best.
 I gotta tell ya I also wrote some letters this week. I wrote to Warren Buffett and the Spotlight reporters at the Boston Globe. 
Warren Buffett was asking us to support the Donald so I thought I should tell him why that is so difficult.
Warren gets 300 emails a day so I'm pretty sure he never saw mine but it felt good anyway to voice an opinion.
Here's my letter
Dear Warren Buffett: I understand your plea for unity in these difficult times. I appreciate your support for Hillary Clinton as well. But - and there's a big BUT - the reality is that Donald Trump denies climate change(at my expense and our children's expense) yet he wants to build a wall at his exclusive golf course. 

Donald Trump appears to be interested in protecting his personal investments and interests at any cost. 
Where as, President Obama shows concern for the country and the world as a whole. 
Trump does not embrace these Presidential responsibilities to the world and the country. 
It's difficult to show support for a Presidential candidate with such contradictory, self serving views.

Please see attached:
Trump acknowledges climate change -at his golf course 

Thank you for your kind consideration and understanding 
MB Warner & Jim Weishaar 
This campaign poster is circulating and it kind of made my day.
Thanks! Another thing if you can stand it and you're still reading.  2018 Mid-terms will be more important than ever. The voting public dislikes mid-terms and are usually complacent but 2018 will be the next opportunity  to implement great change. 

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  1. Love the butter, love the letter. I will show you my letter today that I will send to the local paper. I still cannot even say the name of the person who will take the oath in January. The best I can do is refer to him as SPC (slimy putrid creep). I am so ashamed of my country.