Friday, November 11, 2016

ZEKE & PERCY(no kidding!)

It’s not always readily apparent which songs are going to become standards. Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” didn’t seem to have much chance of becoming one when the Canadian singer-songwriter, who passed away Thursday at age 82, introduced it on his 
1984 album VariousPositions. Neither the song nor the album hit the Billboard charts that year or received a Grammy nomination. 
It took Leonard Cohen 5 years to write "Hallelujah!" 
He was a great song writer - look him up and give him a listen it will make your day.
It took 15 years for Hallelujah to become a standard - it's been recorded 142 times by various artists and each version has its own unique twist. 
 Here's another version of "HALLELUJAH" 

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  1. And now we must take time to grieve the loss of Leonard Cohen. Have been playing Halleluja a lot. MB, thanks for the joy and calm you bring to us with your paintings. We all know it is difficult to find joy this week. Thank you. Zeke and Percy are lovely.