Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I've wanted to try something a bit different - it's intimidating!
I tried to paint on a different color panel but it didn't work for me. Tomorrow 
I plan to redo this image but keep the original as a study. I like the
idea but have to work on it a bit more. I am shooting for 6 new paintings for January 
it may be a bit ambitious - we'll see how it goes.
Thanks for taking a look. 
If you can stand one more view on the election check out Dan Rather link

1 comment:

  1. In your snowstorm, I can feel those wet flakes. When you say you want to try something different (and it's intimidating), that's how I feel with every painting as a newbie. I take a deep breath and then say, "What the heck are you doing?" Then I make the big dive with the first brushstroke. Whew. I get it.