Saturday, February 18, 2017


"Roomful of Views"
Here's my finished piece for the small works show at the gallery.
It's hard to photograph so if you're in town in the next month stop on by the gallery 
837 Lincoln Ave.
Steamboat Springs, CO
and take a look. 
This piece is a prototype for something larger. I've attached a large price tag because
I am not interested in selling this piece. I can imagine this piece room size with everyone together 
walking inside the room. Wouldn't that be cool? 
The room is lined with mirror, a glass peace orbacle with peace written in 37 different 
world languages. There's a hanging crystal - a pearl - turtle and some other surprises.
  Grand Canyon - Mexico USA references to add some interest. It's lit with fairy lights attached to the ceiling.
Thanks for taking a look. I'll post installation photos next. 
Later MB

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  1. Am going to go get a first hand look at this masterpiece - I am fascinated.