Thursday, November 2, 2017


12" X 12"
 When I saw this truck I had no idea what kind of history accompanied this vehicle.
I'm not known for painting old, rusty trucks, I'm attracted to reflective surfaces for the most part.
So why this truck? That's the million dollar question. Who knows why I stopped to admire
this WWII Veteran but I'm glad I stopped.
This 1943 Ford G8T was one of the ENGINES OF THE RED ARMY IN WWII.
These vehicles were Lend-Leased to the Red Army.
Here's a bit of history I found.
The wartime diversion of the automotive industry to other products
forced the Red Army to depend more heavily on Lend-Lease supplies than in nearly any other major
sector of the war economy. In total, the US, Britain and Canada provided the Red Army with
about 401,100 vehicles during the war, nearly twice the Soviet wartime production.
61,000 Ford G8T's were delivered between 1941 and May 1945.
A different website lists 78,000 G8T's delivered to the Red Army under the 
Lend-Lease Act. After the end of the war many of these trucks ended up on US farms.
Who knew? 
This painting has another title "Take Me Home" a Veteran in need of a respectful retirement.
Most of the G8T's for sale on the Internet mention they are looking for GOOD HOMES for their
trucks, they don't want them to be sold for scrap. There's a lot of emotion attached to these trucks.
 Thanks for waiting MB 

Ford G8T ("Ford-6"), 1½-ton, 4x2, Cargo   

Equipped with a 158in. wheelbase and the common 144in. by 80 in. cargo body, the Ford G8T was by far the most numerous commercial 1.5t 4x2 truck and was delivered to Russia under the Lend-Lease Act from 1943 on.
Together with his civilian ancestor, the 2G8T, from which he differed in the engine type and some minor modifications, the total amount of delivery sums up to 61,000, making the »Ford-6« the second most delivered truck.


  1. So how did this truck get to someone's back yard in a place where you got a photo? This truck must have some interesting history of its own. I love how you did the treads on the tire. I also love how this truck has its own little personality just with the bent, crooked mirrors. Well done, MB. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. A great story matched with a phenomenal painting. Your second title tears at my heart. I love it MB