Monday, March 11, 2013


"Shoot the Falls"
6" X 6"
Oil on Gessoboard(original painting)
120.00(includes priority mail shipping)

I have been planning this painting since we went to Yellowstone in 2009. I didn't know how to make it work visually until now. The 100 paintings in 100 days surely helped with the painting vision. The reason I took this photo was the complementary color scheme,  the strangers standing so close to each other taking pictures of the same subject. They were in such harmony - the tourists on a mission.  I was going to call it blue and orange but thank goodness my partner in crime came up with "Shoot the Falls" it's a much better title in so many ways. It's great to get some help and feedback. I recommend finding someone to help with titles, they are more removed from the process and can see it in a different light.
Buy it cause you like it!


  1. When I first looked at this, I thought "Oh wow...she put her favorite blue/orange combination into this." You are right (why am I not surprised?) with regards to the continuous painting helping with vision. It changes, doesn't it? I have painted some things that I really thought I could not paint. They are not masterpieces, but I am plugging along.

  2. The focus of this painting for me is, what is over that guard rail, My Yellowstone memories. BTW: My snowy chickadees are supervising my typing. I really love them! Thank you and thank you for the "Any way you slice it" card. Best. Mary

  3. Thanks for all the kind words. The vision does change, evolve, grow - if it didn't it just wouldn't be that interesting. It's so hard for me to paint the same thing over and over again(remember the 4 roosters?). That's why you get such a variety of images from me. I really like to try it all - it keeps the work interesting, challenging and I don't get complacent - there's really no time for that nonsense.
    I'm just so thankful you all like the work and get some enjoyment from my blog.
    You're the best!