Monday, August 5, 2013


Story told by her family 
So Farrah is our little peanut! Unlike Keegan, she pranced right into the house, looked around and said, “yup, this’ll work!” That is until my husband got home and she was like, “wait a minute, I didn’t know he came with the deal!” She immediately trusted me, it took my husband a little longer, but then the little booger defected! She loves her daddy! And her food! She was 4 pounds when we got her, now she is 10 pounds!

Bob calls Farrah her little angel. She is fiercely loyal. He has been sick (long story) going on a year now and Farrah has been by his side every waking moment. She is tough as nails, survived being lost in a snow storm in January for three days before we adopted her (some people just shouldn’t be allowed to have dogs)!! She has no idea she is a Chihuahua, she’s certain she is a husky, until it’s 20 below out then she knows she’s something other than a husky! Bosses Keegan around. Guard dog extraordinaire. Yet, she’s a total snuggler and has love to give a million times her size (to us). She has learned to love kids, is ok with women but after all these years is still very leery of men; that relationship must be earned with any man that walks through our door. She is smart, sassy, incredibly sweet and a has provided us more comfort than we knew imaginable from a dog.

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  1. Really a beautiful mix of colors of her fur. She's a cutie pie! I can see, in her eyes, how she could bring someone a lot of fun, joy, and comfort.