Thursday, August 8, 2013


OK so I'm finished - with my brush in hand - painting like a mad woman - one painting at a time - lying awake at night wondering if it's good enough - painting 60 portraits - yes 60 - counting all the ones that got erased  - started over - redone - and redone again! With Marilyn's help - I raised 3000.00 for the RCHS.
Thanks to Marilyn for coordinating donors, keeping me on track and getting this thing off the ground running. She kept me going when things got weird and tough!

I owe many thanks to people like Nancy. Nancy commented on every portrait - everyday - religiously - no matter how busy she was - or where she was - keeping me going with her thoughts - I really couldn't have finished without this incredible, thought provoking, daily support! 

My great followers, friends and family(all 5 of you) also made a huge impact on my performance and dedication to this project. I was ready to quit more than once but was prodded to keep it together. These portraits probably look like they took minutes to create but that couldn't be further from the truth. They are 25 years in the making. 

Have a great weekend - thanks for following and thanks for supporting the RCHS!


  1. Congratulations, MB! Job well done.

    I'm struggling painting 2 "black", 4 month old kittens, Oscar and Archer, for my daughter.

  2. Oh gosh ... I am blushing. Thank you, MB. I am not sure you are aware of your artistic impact on all the members of your fan club. Your growth has spurred growth in each of us. I even painted a little portrait of Johnny & Hilary's beloved bulldog, Maynard, who died in our yard during a family cookout over the Fourth. I would not have attempted this without your daily posts. So, thank YOU! LOVE "The Last Laugh" and he really does look like he is laughing. You are one of the only people I know who could pull that off. My hat is off to you for your tremendous contribution to the cause for animals to be loved by someone.

  3. I LOVED this project. I loved all the animals. I loved how you not just painted them, but captured their personalities perfectly! I loved having their pictures pop up on my email every day. It was always the first thing I went to. And I love that it went to such a good cause... great volunteers helping animals every single day. THANK YOU for all you have done to support the animals in need in Routt County.