Saturday, August 3, 2013


Keegan is my boy. He sleeps next to me and we have a special/strong bond that I don’t know how to describe. When we adopted him he bit me, was aggressive towards me and honestly he scared me. It was so bad that we tried re-homing him. But I cried every day he was gone so we took him back. Long story short, we worked through it, with the help of a trainer. Took him a full year to turn the corner, but when he finally did he was like a new dog. After a year of not trusting us he let us in 100%  and now he is a total lover boy.

First and foremost, Keegan is a survivor and a forgiver. He is very friendly and super playful. He loves to be a part of whatever action there is and is always close by, so as to not miss anything and feel included. He is very curious and somewhat mischievous. He’s and a big talker like some huskies are and says I love you. He finds much comfort in his routine. He acts tough, but he’s really kind of a big baby. He is very handsome, but has no idea. He “works” hard when asked and aims to please. ……He’s my big “baby” boy.

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  1. How lucky Keegan is to have such a patient master. LOVE those piercing blue eyes.