Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Peg is Cynthia's dog. Cynthia saved me from graduate school hell - long story short I was suppose to enter the painting department at CSULB - I did not get along with my painting advisor - Cynthia was the head of the printmaking department - she let me transfer into her department and gave me free reign to explore - painting - printmaking - sculpture! So this is a very belated thanks to her for making my graduate school experience a pleasant one(for the most part - doesn't mean it was easy)!


  1. Little Peg is the sweetest ever! What a tribute to Cynthia and all she did for you; all of us who have reaped the benefits of Cynthia's good will take our hats off to her and her little Peg. By the way, Peg looks like she is waiting for a doggie treat for sitting so long. Ha!

  2. Such a cutie!!! Cynthia will be so excited!!! It has been so fun seeing all the portraits! Everyone just LOVES them!