Sunday, August 18, 2013


What they have in common as personalities: they are both very playful, very friendly, people loving dogs. Both love toys and ropes. They are too gentle to play "tug-a-war" with the ropes, but lead each other through the yard very gingerly, much like leash walking each other. This game can go on for long periods of times. 

Shadow had an accident, which resulted in a broken his back at age 2 (he is now 8 years old). Due to the complex surgery and much prolonged pain, he grew up to be a more serious and cautious dog. He lost a big part of his careless nature with strangers, but is still a happy-go-lucky dog with everyone he knows and trusts.

Oslo is 2 years old and never had a bad experience in his life. He loves EVERYONE and everything, plays all day long, often even just alone with his own toys. Shadow used to be like that before his accident and Oslo has helped him to regain some of his playfulness.

Both dogs are with us 24/7, we are outdoor people and both dogs climb mountains with us, 14ers, AT the backcountry and backpack with us too. We are one active family.

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  1. What I like about this painting is the dogs leaning into each other, just slightly. This so illustrates their friendship and loyalty. I also notice two complimentary color blends: red/green and blue/orange. Well done.