Monday, February 11, 2013


Here is my all time favorite 4 H participant. Why? Because I hung out with this boy for a long time in the animal barn at the Routt County Fair this summer. He pulled all of these animals out of their cages to show me each animal and tell me a story about them. The black rabbit is as soft as mink. He was so smart and interesting to talk to. He had so much feeling for the animals.  That's the feeling I'm trying to convey - compassion and caring - what a great kid.  He is also a chicken magician but I'll save that for another time( I haven't painted that image yet).
He was the nicest boy and it was so refreshing because he was not afraid to talk to me.  He was also a the best friend to a very young 4 H participant. They made a fun pair. I can't say enough about my experience. I hope you feel something too!!

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  1. I love this little boy - and I am so pleased to see some faces that you have painted. I am not certain that I've seen any faces of yours. This little boy is so lovable. And, LOVE that chicken. Now I am wondering how old this little boy currently is.