Sunday, February 3, 2013


Ringo is a cashmere goat. I had never met a cashmere goat - he was so silly and so much fun. He was eating his wooden sign with his name on it. Turns out his owner is a fellow artist but she never paints her animals. I think she's missing out. Now I know why cashmere is so expensive - you don't shear the goat you comb out the cashmere to harvest the fur. Sounds pretty labor intensive if you ask me. If you ever get a chance pet a cashmere goat - it's truly divine. I couldn't believe how thick and soft his coat was - must've been 6 to 10 inches deep. What a treat!
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  1. I like how you made his horns "off screen." I am going to take your advice and pet a cashmere goat the next time I am given the opportunity. Thanks, Maureen - #89? I feel like your stalker - ha!!