Thursday, February 14, 2013


RINGO II with orange background

Process shot. I made 2 display boards so that I could look at the work in progress. Every morning I'd walk into the studio and see the previous days work. I'd either take it back over to the painting wall and change it or hopefully be satisfied with the end product. It was a great way to see the process and keep my train of thought going in a direction. Even though it may seem like there was absolutely no direction most days there really was some kind of plan in mind. Some days it worked and others it didn't.
Yesterday I started a new larger chickadee painting. I was ready to go into the studio this morning and wipe it away but that's not what happened. I'll post it soon as it's ready and tell the story.
For anyone interested the 6" X 6" are 100 bucks. If you buy in multiples I give deals so e-mail me.
I can also send you a pay pal invoice. Let me know! I can also put a click to buy button on the site but haven't taken the time to do that. If you have opinions on the pricing or buying I can use any suggestions on the subject or you have ideas on what I should do please shoot them my way. I've never really been any good at the commerce side of things.
I will have all non sold work at the bookstore show in March.
Thanks again everyone!

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  1. Good Morning. I love seeing everything lined up and viewing the progress. Thank you for that. For what it is worth, I think your pricing is very reasonable. I think a "click to buy" button is a good idea. Loving the goats. Aren't their eyes wild?