Thursday, February 21, 2013


Cat as in caterpillar - if you ever need to paint a - caterpillar - as in machine,  have I got the perfect yellow for you. Permalba makes an Indian Yellow Permanent which I purchased about a million years ago. I never knew what to do with it - well - it's the perfect CAT yellow. One interesting result from this commission is I had never used this color before and now I am using Indian yellow all the time. It turns out you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. I also learned what kind of photos work and what don't. I learned a lot about how I want to paint and what kind of portraits I'm after.
This commission was so much fun and the client was so trusting. She gave me a ton of photos, gave me an idea of where to start and gave me free reign. How's that for being lucky? It is truly an artists dream come true. Turns out this is what I love to do - informal portraits - nothing too posed or expected - a little creativity - and a little trust - and there you are.
I've had a lot of luck in this painting journey.  Thanks to everyone for their support and trust,  it's what I love to do. Thanks again!

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  1. Wow! Ed IS the Cat Emperor!! This is fabulous ... I am certain that his family and his co-workers are going to LOVE this portrait. You may have hit the nail on the head - informal portraits - that is your forte. I love the position of Ed's right hand; he does that all the time! Time to get some Indian Yellow!