Friday, February 22, 2013


 "Chickadee Gathering"
4"h X 12"w
Oil on gessoboard 120.00


"Chickadees Gone Wild"
6"h X 18"w X 1.5"d
Oil on canvas with 1.5" deep stretcher bars(painted black on the edges) 200.00
These paintings are wet and need 2 weeks to dry - they will get a light coat of varnish too!

OK so here are the chickadees from hell. I know you've been wondering about it. I should've
taken pictures along the way because you'd never believe the antics it took to get here.
Chickadees gone wild got wiped off twice. First thing I noticed the birds had no legs - then
I started with 3 added a 4th then wiped out the 4th - then wiped the entire painting - then the background changed and changed again. I went into the studio 2 mornings ago and
bumped up all the whites - changed some visual pathways and that's how it came to be.
It looks so simple in the end.

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  1. MB, I thought I was the only person who did paintings from hell. Your little birds are darling - a favorite of my sister, Mary's. Kind of a long story. I love your black - same mixture as with the lab dog? Looking forward to the show next Friday.