Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Maggie was a commission piece. She's a rescue lab and has the best home - her forever home! She's a  lucky gal. This is also the first all black dog I have ever attempted and it was quite the challenge.  How do you paint black without painting black? I would rather mix my blacks from colors than use a black tube of paint - why? Because there is usually more depth to the form with a combination of colors rather than just black. Maggie is a combination of burnt sienna and phthalo blue. I worked with the background for days, I couldn't find a color that worked. It was red, it was green, orange, pink, etc. etc. Every color I tried distracted from the dog. This was the only color that worked for me and I can't tell you what it is.
Also I wanted you to know I've been in chickadee hell - please excuse the expression but there is no other way to describe the last week. I hope to post the chickadees in the next couple of days. I need better photos and I'm not sure if they are ready for prime time.
I have to figure out the click to buy button for my blog - that could be another issue.
This is when you need a 6 year old!

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  1. Not only did Maggie find a "forever home," but now she has been immortalized with your brushes. I am grateful to read your comments on painting black things. I have a horrible time figuring it out. I look at the dark, dark portraits of Rembrandt and stare in awe at so many black things on his canvas. Thanks for sharing the paints you used to create Maggie's black. She is beautiful and her eyes are exceptional. You've got the gift...