Sunday, February 10, 2013

"RAIN DANCER" #99 & 100

 I just love painting informal portraits and the story they tell. I've had many visitors to the studio and they all get what I'm trying to convey. Do you remember the miss matched pair of shoes back on 
Dec. 23rd? well this is the wearer or non-wearer of those shoes. There was a large gathering of people in Strawberry Park last July(I think) and a short sun shower came through the valley while we were all enjoying the great outdoors. This little girl was so curious about the rain, not wearing her shoes or a sweater and playing in the water, it wasn't a warm evening by any means. She took her doll where ever she went. This is my memory of the event,  I was driven to paint the idea. 
I know this is 100 but I will carry it through Valentine's Day - because there's more if 
you can stand it!!!????

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  1. This lovely little girl is absolutely divine...I love the stories you tell with your paintings. The garden is so bright and green - and you can feel the rain on the concrete/cement. Happy to hear we have a couple more of your paintings coming this week.